BMTI S.c.p.A. is the Italian public agency for market regulation, development and transparency, and for economic information. Established by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural policies under Decree no. 174/2006 and subsequent amendments, its original mandate is to bring innovation in commodity exchanges – active in Italy since 1993 – by taking advantage of online instruments, and to serve the Chambers of Commerce in their tasks related to market regulation, monitoring and transparency.

BMTI arranges, organises, and manages the online platform for the negotiations of the Italian Online Commodity Exchange – unique at the national level.

On these very topics, BMTI also supports the Ministry of Agricultural policies and the Ministry of Economic Development.

Among the activities carried out by BMTI is the one that makes the model of the Italian Chambers of Commerce, for the negotiations of agrifood products, known at the international level – starting from the tools realised to support a regulated negotiation, to finishing with the dissemination modalities of market information – by making the Italian experience available to foreign countries institutions.

BMTI S.c.p.A. is invested in two lines of activities for the development of agrifood markets:

  • Institutional relation building with other countries institutions to share the know-how for the development and transparency of agrifood markets
  • The implementation of the International Online Market (IOM) through the achievement of joint-cooperation agreements with other countries institutions, allowing the registration of these countries’ operators to the International Online Market, and supporting an international trade also for small enterprises.

The lines of activities can be implemented by developing collaboration paths together with the institutions of interested countries, through meetings, conferences and mentoring activities.

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