Know – how sharing

The Italian experience of commodity exchanges, negotiation of agrifood products and market monitoring represents an example of measures adopted by the institutions to support the development and transparency of agrifood markets.

BMTI S.c.p.A. is available to cooperate with foreign institutions.

These activities could be implemented jointly with the institutions of interested countries, developing specific paths. Meetings, conferences and mentoring could be organized.


Develop commodity Exchanges in other countries

  • Together with the interested institutions, BMTI carries out feasibility studies in order to implement commodity exchanges in line with local needs
  • Know-how sharing for the establishment, the development of the organisational structure and the regulation of physical, online or hybrid commodity exchanges
  • Training of the staff on the functioning of commodity exchanges, the market regulation and any other relevant aspect

Markets monitoring and analysis

  • Sharing expertises and experience in the field of collection, analysis and dissemination of agrifood products’ prices
  • Providing data on prices and market trends of specific agrifood products
  • Carrying out analysis and studies on agrifood markets

Commercialisation of agrifood products

  • Knowledge transfer on the European marketing standards, helping with the procedures to access the European market
  • Knowledge transfer on systems to access the market in aggregated forms (producers organizations, cooperatives and so on)
  • Sharing of expertise on the draft and use of standard contracts to sell agrifood products